Irish Power Hour 10/15/17

October 22, 2017

Co-host Cabrina is trapped in jury duty, so she's here, but if she tells you anything about it....she has to kill ya. 


Irish Power Hour 10/1/17

October 8, 2017

We are back, LIVE, in the studio for the first time in like 3 months! So if you can't understand Sean, he's drunk again. Enjoy!


Irish Power Hour 9/24/17

October 5, 2017

Finally got the episode from 2 weeks ago. Hurry and catch up, cuz the next one comes out Sunday afternoon. We pre-recorded but it doesn't mean it's not less HI-larious.


Irish Power Hour 9/17/17

September 21, 2017

We don't have a replacement producer yet, so we are still pre-recording. But now MORE FUNNY in every episode, cuz Sean is sober and makes more sense. So tune in! You'll be glad you did. 


Irish Power Hour 9/10/17

September 12, 2017

We are done pretending. We've had a pre-record a LOT lately. We lost, yet another producer, so we have had to work with our good pal Jako (Alex) to get the show to you each week. That being said, we struggle each week to pay the bills, so if you would love to sponsor the show, we would love to work for YOU! Email us: Let's talk.


Irish Power Hour 8/6/17

August 17, 2017

It's another episode of kick-ass Celtic rock from the bellybutton of NY, broadcast around the globe! So grab a pint and get jiggy with it. Check out everything IPH on our website


Irish Power Hour 7/30/17

August 5, 2017

Sean and Cabrina at talking sleepovers. And it's not what you're thinking. Not nearly as fun. This episode brought to you by Seaside Vacations. Start planning your escape to California's Central Coast: Sun, Fun, Beach and Relaxation. Click here to check out 3 great properties for rent 24/7.


Irish Power Hour 7/23/17

July 30, 2017

We have the round up from the St. Pat's fest and Sean doesn't waste anytime being inaprops. AD: still looking for teams for the IPH PUTT & PINT!


Irish Power Hour 7-16-17

July 23, 2017

 Last weeks episode: John Delgety from the St. Patrick's Irish Festival, is in to tell us all about the weekends fun. This episode brought to you by Seaside Vacations: Click Here to schedule you CA dream vacation.


Irish Power Hour 7-2-17

July 3, 2017

Due to some scheduling mess....we were bumped in our time slot. So here is the whole show for your enjoyment :) Happy 4th to everyone.  This episode is brought to you by Seaside Vacations click 24/7 to rent this amazing house, minutes from the California coast. Just an hour north of Santa Barbara, come stay away from the busy tempo of LA.