Irish Power Hour 2/11/18

February 16, 2018

It's another jam packed episode of kick-ass Celtic rock! It's Co-host Cabrina's b-day and Sean would like her to go to the light. She might...just to get away from him.  This episode brought to you by Aquarius Moon Pendants You'll want to collect them all. 


Irish Power Hour 2/4/18

February 11, 2018

Co-host Cabrina sold a kidney and got the new iPhone. Now she's more interested in that, than in Sean, and he's jealous. Can he win her back? (we all know that answer...helnaw!) Get ready for an hour of kick ass Celtic rock! Friend us at FB/IPHradio we will always love you.


Irish Power Hour 1/28/18

February 1, 2018

It's time for another episode of kick ass Celtic rock! We debut new music from Katy's Randy Cat and it's a 50th bday for one of your fav DJs - Sean Johnston!


Irish Power Hour 1/21/18

January 26, 2018

You're fav Celtic rock DJs are freezing their tails off in the bellybutton of NY. But we are going to muscle through to give you kick-ass Celtic rock! Brought to you buy Aquarius Moon Pendants


Irish Power Hour 1/14/18

January 18, 2018

Mother Nature is a BEEOTCH!!! We have gone from -20 windchill to almost 70, back down to single digits. HEY have you joined our St. Baldrick's team yet? Well then you donated, right? Cuz you only have two choices. Make one!


Irish Power Hour 1/7/18

January 9, 2018

Happy New Year! We are ready to kick off your 2018 with some kick-ass Celtic rock! For your new years resolution...donate more! The IPH Shave Team is waiting for you to join or throw mad amounts of cash at us: St Baldricks IPH Shave Team.


Irish Power Hour 12/17/17

December 21, 2017

It's our last episode of 2017. So you KNOW it's going to be good! This episode brought to you buy Aquarius Moon Pendants. Designed and hand made by Co-host Cabrina! Never Duplicated - Be Original.


Irish Power Hour 12/3/17

December 7, 2017

We're talking oldies, Coumbia House Penny Club and kick-ass Celtic rock! Get ready to shamrock your socks off. This episode brougt to you by Aquarius Moon Pendants - one of a kind designs by Co-host Cabrina. Be Original 


Irish Power Hour 1/26/17

December 4, 2017

It's the aftermath of turkey day and your fav hosts are sitting around the studio rubbin' their bellies. They say laughter is good for digestion. Let's hope Sean and Cabrina have a LOT of funny tonight. 


Irish Power Hour 11/19/17

November 28, 2017

It's another episode of the IPH and Sean is all decked like the halls in new Huskies for him. The secret is out....his wife dresess him. Oh..and there's some Celtic rock.