Irish Power Hour 12/17/17

December 21, 2017

It's our last episode of 2017. So you KNOW it's going to be good! This episode brought to you buy Aquarius Moon Pendants. Designed and hand made by Co-host Cabrina! Never Duplicated - Be Original.


Irish Power Hour 12/3/17

December 7, 2017

We're talking oldies, Coumbia House Penny Club and kick-ass Celtic rock! Get ready to shamrock your socks off. This episode brougt to you by Aquarius Moon Pendants - one of a kind designs by Co-host Cabrina. Be Original 


Irish Power Hour 1/26/17

December 4, 2017

It's the aftermath of turkey day and your fav hosts are sitting around the studio rubbin' their bellies. They say laughter is good for digestion. Let's hope Sean and Cabrina have a LOT of funny tonight. 


Irish Power Hour 11/19/17

November 28, 2017

It's another episode of the IPH and Sean is all decked like the halls in new Huskies for him. The secret is out....his wife dresess him. Oh..and there's some Celtic rock.


Irish Power Hour 11/12/17

November 16, 2017

The holidays are fast approaching and Sean is already worn out. But Celtic rock fixes everything!

We got so many goodies for your ears: 

THe Lagan     Field Athenry
Bleeding Irish    Tale of Anne Bonney
​O'Leary      The Gallows​
​Sisters of Murphy        Katie Dear​
​Matildas Scoundrels       sow the seeds
Bay Street bastards       slappywags​
​Craic         Ishkabaha​
​Bodh' aktan   sore feet ​
​Scythian          I will go ​
Mahones    Take me back​
​Ramshackle Army     Dust and cobwebs​

Irish Power Hour 11/5/17

November 9, 2017

Sean is extra full of DJ knowledge and swinging it around like a madman with a death wish. Remember to duck, but bring your pint with you. You're going to need it!


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Irish Power Hour 10/29/17

November 2, 2017

It's all things spooky as Sean and Cabrina talk about their Halloween plans. Follow us on Twiter @irishpowerhour and Facebook /IPHradio to keep up on the fun.


Irish Power Hour 10/22/17

October 31, 2017

Co-host Cabrina is back from jury duty (hee hee you said Doodie) and she's missing all her jury pool pals. Maybe some Celtic Rock will make her feel better. 


Irish Power Hour 10/15/17

October 22, 2017

Co-host Cabrina is trapped in jury duty, so she's here, but if she tells you anything about it....she has to kill ya. 


Irish Power Hour 10/1/17

October 8, 2017

We are back, LIVE, in the studio for the first time in like 3 months! So if you can't understand Sean, he's drunk again. Enjoy!