Irish Power Hour 3/19/17

March 26, 2017

We have the Assualt City Roller Derby in the studio to fill us in on their season. Plus we have info on our live from the Blarney Stone broadcast for next Sunday. So take notes!


Irish Power Hour 3-12-17

March 19, 2017

Co-host Cabrina has to explain to Sean that he is NOT vegan, when he eats meat next to a vegatable. She has many hardships. It's the round up after out parade day shenanigans and a new band to the show: Plastic Paddy. 

Mark you calendar to come be part of the show at the Blarney Stone on March 26! We'll be broadcasting live. So come early, get stuffed then rock your shamrocks off LIVE! No cover. 


Irish Power Hour 3/5/17

March 12, 2017

It's the @GlengarryBhoys show round up. But we have SO much more to share with you! This episode brought to you by Seaside Vacations. Rent your California dream vacation in the Central Coast 24/7 in one CLICK


Irish Power Hour 2/26/17

March 5, 2017

The studio is packed to the rafters with friends who have fun things for you to do! So get our your schedules and get ready for the high holy month. It's going to be BUSY! 


Irish Power Hour 2/19/17

February 27, 2017

So much to talk about! We are almost to the high holy month of March. We got a lot to let you in on. I hope you have your calander handy. This episode is sponsored by your California Dream Vacation. Click her to see this place. You won't BELIEVE this house you can rent in the Central Coast of CA. CLICK


Irish Power Hour 2/12/17

February 19, 2017

Co-host Cabrina is back from paradise and stuck in a small room with a gassy Sean. I guess things are back to normal. This episode is brougt to you by your California dream vacation: Click here


Irish Power Hour 2/5/17

February 14, 2017

It's the day of the big game and anyone that know where the fun is at is listening to the Irish Power Hour instead of dumb football. Did you get your Glengarry Boys Tix yet? We are bringing them back to the 'Cuse to kick off St Patrick's day week. Click HERE


Irish Power Hour 1/26/17

February 2, 2017

It's another foot stompin, fun filled hour of kick-ass Celtic rock with Sean and Cabrina. This episode brougt to you by your next dream vacation in California! Look at this GORGEOUS vacation rental click


Irish Power Hour 1-22-17

January 29, 2017

Sean left the country, for the first time every I think. And the stories are non-stop. Plus we have info on the Glengarry Bhoys show and our St. Baldrick's Team here: CLICK


Irish Power Hour 1-15-17

January 22, 2017

And hour of kick-ass Celtic rock - the cure for you Smonday. (you need to listen to get that joke) We are bringin the Glengarry Bhoys to the CUSE! Get your tix HERE